Friday, January 30, 2009

Cats v. Don Julio Part 2

Cats = 2 Don Julio = 0
The saga continues... and I have photographic proof this time!

This morning I walked through the dining room in the dark and nearly tripped over Don Julio's carcass. I flipped on the lights to see the latest edition of the "Fight To The Death -- Cat v. Vac". When the lights were on this is what I was greeted with.

Poor Don Julio was released from him spot -- and at first I thought he had just taken off and was still attached to his charger cord. Upon further inspection by my main squeeze Cub -- it was determined that he was not attached to his cord -- he ATE HIS CORD (probably in a desperate attempt to kill himself). Not only was he choking on his own power cord, but he was pulling on the cord -- straining the socket and once again he HAD BEEN DE-TRAYED. He had no pants on, poor guy.

I still cannot figure out how the cats get the dust tray out of his backside! Anyway it took me about 5 minutes of good searching (and our house is small) under furniture and in other rooms to locate the tray which was about 9 feet away at the very end of the dining room table. The cats looked very happy with themselves this morning.

Another thing that really has me astonished is how we failed to hear this going on only a room away? As I have said 4 million times -- we live in a shoebox -- a old, 1941 no insulation in the walls shoebox -- you can hear anything and everything that happens in the house usually. Cub and I must have been sleeping the sleep of the dead (or the sleep of full time working parents to a 2-year old, you pick). Got me?

Cub is going to inspect Don Julio further and my hope is that his suicide attempt was not successful so that he can be replugged, and live to clean the floors of our humble shoebox again. LONG LIVE DON JULIO (I want to have a shirt with shadow effect image of Don Julio that says "Long Live D. Julio" -- so it is reminiscent of the Che Guevara shirts)!

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