Sunday, January 18, 2009

The things I love about today

1.  I am feeling better.
2.  I got to use my "magic bullet" knock off and made a somewhat successful smoothie.
3.  Q is too cute, Cub tells me this morning that yesterday while they were watching college basketball Q announced that they played basketball with "punkins".
4.  I love to to watch Cub try to put down Q for his nap -- I watch it on the monitors -- he is a great dad and it warms my heart.
5.  It is raining -- and I secretly love rain.
6.  My laundry is almost all done.
7.  Q's birthday party is only a week away (good and bad).
8.  Cub is fussing about the Internet connection again in his never ending quest for perfect fast and uninterrupted signal.
9.  Q is finally down for a MUCH NEEDED Nap after putting up a mighty fight.
10.  My family is healthy.

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