Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do you say goodbye to a dead ladybug?

What was once cute, has now become an issue -- a sanitary issue.
How do you get a 2 year old to say goodbye to a dead ladybug that he has become extreeeeeemly attached to?
See, about 2 weeks ago, Q noticed a ladybug climbing around the top of his snow globe in his room. "It's a Ladybug! It's a Ladybug!" he screamed with excitement while pointing his little finger at the tiny (a small ladybug) little bug making circles around the the NY skyline (a NY snow globe from the Shalkhams). We watched it through the the snowglobe and marveled at how the ladybug's tummy was soooo big having been magnified by the water. "Polly" as she was to become known, was a source of great entertainment that night.
The next night when we sat down to read our books, Q craned his neck and stood on a toy wagon to see the top of his table to look for Polly and he found her -- exclaiming so. I thought she would have been long gone, but there basking in the light of the lamp was Polly and she was not moving. I decided to blow over the subject and say: "Yeah, look at Polly, she has gone night, night -- let's read our book" while at the same time making a mental note to remove the ladybug once he was down. But by the time Q was down and tucked in and the lights are out -- I forgot to remove Polly. The next day the same scenerio plays out -- he looks for Polly, talks to Polly -- has to make sure I see Polly and once again I forget to remove the Polly carcass from his table. Well, needless to say by now Polly has turned a light shade of yellow -- she is no longer red and my son is attached to a dead ladybug named Polly. What I should have done a long time ago is to remove the ladybug -- but I forgot and now she is a pal. He even talked about the ladybug on his table at dinner the other night.
Milk Duds offered up some good advice -- she said to tell Q that "Safety Sally came and took Polly to a new home". I leave you with that.

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