Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day At Work

Milk Duds and I decided we needed to step out on the porch at work and take a picture of the snow to memorialize this day... it snowed South Carolina. It is a very rare occurrence in South Carolina -- it may be six more years before we see another flake. Of course the 1589th of an inch that we received caused schools to close down for the day (many are closed for tomorrow too), people started panicking and went out and bought batteries, bottled water, Sterno and canned goods, and everyone started hitting each other on the roads. That is the funny thing about South Carolina -- give us a hurricane and we can make it through the week or so of mess and destruction that a good one leaves in it's wake with flying colors -- but show us one snowflake and we declare it a statewide emergency and call in the National Guard -- no one can drive anymore, or apparently work and go to school.

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