Monday, January 19, 2009

Safety Sally

Quentin came home from nursery school today with a clump of papers that included random little pieces of construction paper with wild colors and pipe cleaners and every other little random doodad attached to them. I LOVE IT WHEN HE COMES HOME WITH HIS ARTWORK FROM THE WEEK, it is like Christmas for me. We usually look through them together and talk about them. Today Senior Fussy Pants was in a mood and was in trouble with us for running down the sidewalk with wild abandon while totally ignoring his mother and father who were frantically chasing and screaming at him... little booger is fast. Picture this (in slow motion for the best effect) -- me, dressed fresh from work bundled up to the ears in a pea coat and scarf with 3 files and a laptop in hand, power cord dragging and clutching a juice cup; yelling at the top of my lungs as I trail behind Corby who has just basically had to drop $60.00 worth of dry cleaning on the porch to run (and might I add, about the fastest I have ever seen Corby run, and Corby doesn't run) who is also dressed for work -- hauling it down the sidewalk deftly avoiding the hurbie curbies and recycling bins like a skilled and seasoned pro football player in sweater and loafers who is also yelling at the top of his lungs for the pint sized running back who has mysteriously gone deaf to stop. Frankly, I am surprised no one called the police there was so much yelling going on. Once tackled -- our little Walter Peyton received a well deserved punishing and needless to say he was not at all happy with us for quite a while. We were not really happy with him either.

ANYWAY, one way that I was able to make him calm down and listen was to pull out his art projects. So with Q perched on the counter top and Corby and I right there we flipped one by one through his art projects. This week's letter was "F", the number was "6", and the color was "blue". As we flipped through the various pages, we counted the blue butterflies with him, asked him about the colors, made him say "eff" and asked him about certain things in his pictures... and then we encountered Safety Sally. Safety Sally was obviously a brown bag hand puppet with blond hair -- but there was something odd and uncomfortable about Sally, she only had one eye and facial hair! She was reminiscent of a blond, cycloptic, yeti with a menacing stare! I LOVE Q's ART!! Corby immediately said: "Its Safety Sally the Cyclops". That just cracked me up and we both held back the chuckles.

Needless to say Safety Sally is by far my MOST favorite piece of Q art I have (and I have everything he has ever done), she is so special to me -- with her "eye" and facial hair issue.

Oh, one more thing, at dinner when asked what he did at school today, Q said "time out".

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