Monday, January 19, 2009

North Main Style


Where do I start... Lets see, when Cub and I first married we bought our first house (the house we live in now) in a very old neighborhood downtown that has many beautiful and historic homes but unfortunately our neighborhood went through a period in the 60's, 70's, 80's and early 90's where it was run down, not taken care of and most of the properties were turned into rentals... in essence it became a ghetto. A movement was started in the 90's to reclaim the neighborhood and almost all of the large historic homes have now been renovated, landscaped and have become quite the showplace. I live in the back of the neighborhood where most of the homes are brick or wood bungalows and are a little younger compared to our ancient counterparts, having been built only in the 40's. My street has its eyesores, some houses are still rentals, and they are not rented to upstanding or responsible folks who take care of their homes but would rather hang out in front of their houses (along with any other loser who happens to wander down the street) with their 40 and pitt bulls and leave discarded highchairs, old exercise bicycles, and collapsed baby swimming pools all over their yards while cramming 15 family members, at least 6 of which are all illigetimate children in a 1200 square foot house (but I digress, that is another post entirely). Despite the few I have mentioned, many of the homes on our street are cute little family owned homes with young families, like us and our immediate neighbors (the neighbros). These houses have been renovated and landscaped and are attractive.
ANYWAY, "technically", we live "out North Main" -- an area of town that instantly causes one to reel back in horror -- the wrong side of the tracks!!!! My neighbors and buddies who live in our neighborhood have gotten tickled lately because there is this ghetto blaster car that we see in the area that has "Savage Life" and then below that "North Main Style" across the back window. We did not know we had a style! Something we could grab on to -- and of course I have taken it and run with it. Also, to add credence to this whole thing, my coworker Milk Duds' (a name I shall give her for her secret blog identity) husband is the manager of several people who live out North Main (farther out than us) and when he questioned the employee about why he was doing something a particular way, said employee replied: "That's how I do it -- we North Main Style". SO THAT SEALED THE DEAL, I knew I had a winner, an established saying that I knew nothing about but think is just great... it says so much about our hood and became a running joke for a long time between Milk Duds and my neighbros. THEN I HAD A FLASH OF GENIUS! You see people with the little white destination stickers in their back windows that speak of lavish and posh places like IOP (Ilse of Palms), OBX (Outer Banks), PI (Pawley's Island) -- as a total poke in the eye -- why not NMS? And there you have it. My fabulous husband who basically is a glorified sticker maker -- made me just a few of the beauties you see above. Yes we all sport them proudly, our hood, NMS 4 EVA!


  1. This is hilarious!!! Most everyone in my neighborhood do it North Main Style. Maybe I need a sticker that says "Caughman Ridge Style." Hmmmm. Think Corby could help me out? We have lots of 40's and pitbulls and revving engines in my neighborhood!!

  2. Don't tell emily I have bad grammar. Most everyone in my neighborhood DOES it North Main Style. hahaha. I went back to read it, and I was like....Ok, now I'm doing it North Main Style! :)


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