Sunday, January 18, 2009

monsters under the bed

It has started... Even though Q is only just now 2 he already has "monsters" outside of his crib (and yes he is still in a crib and I am going to keep his little butt in one until the day he climbs out -- otherwise I know he would never sleep in a toddler bed but play all night) and "bugs" in his bed... THAT is why (according to Q) he "can't go night night". Now, seeing as how I have never even seen a bug on the second floor that I can think of and the fact that I have a yearly service contract for pest control with Terminix (shameless plug for the old sister-in-law), I know he does not have bugs in his bed -- and since I can safely say that I have never seen a monster anywhere in our house except sometimes, I feel sure my husband can arguabley make you do a double take (just kidding babe, kind of) -- we are monster free at our house.
For the last several months Q's usual crib "night night work out" consists of tossing and turning, pulling off his socks, then proceeding to put them on his hands and declare them "glubs" then throwing them out of the crib one by one, rolling up in the blankets, running the length of the crib dragging blankets outside of the crib and eventually dropping them. He also chunks the stuffed animals out of the crib one by one, lays on his back and kicks the sides of his crib with his heels and then just a couple of moths ago he started manipulating toys and other objects (to be discussed later) from outside of the crib to the inside of the crib. On that note, the following have ended up in the crib -- a giant frog that sits in a chair near his crib, a giant duck that sits on the floor apparently close enough to the crib, a framed Winnie the Pooh Print, a lamp, a snowglobe, a wooden hammer and ball set (even all of the correct balls), and my favorite and his most recent accomplishment -- a toy train that is actually a container for Mega Blocks. I actually watched this manuever over the monitor. He reaches through the bar and grabs ahold of the train (without tipping it over to knock out the blocks). He then manages it to lift it up outside of the crib and stands up at the same time -- then with his free hand, he reaches around the top of the crib and over the rail and takes it from his other hand and brings it into the crib. After all of that he still has not tried to climb out.. go figure (I need to find some wood to knock on).
Today I saw him on the monitor crouching down between the crib and bumper.
Anyway, as far as the "monsters" and the "bugs", I guess we will just have to deal with that when it rears its head again.

Night, Night... don't let the bed bugs bite.

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