Friday, April 3, 2009

8 cups, 5 lbs of candy, 42 Easter eggs, and a 27 lb. white cat

That is what I dealt with last night.

My Mom was nice enough to help me with all of the Easter stuff I have going right now. I had to stuff eggs for Q's class Easter egg hunt and the Easter party that I am planning for the FPDG (Friday Play Date Group, to you novices) along with other "Easter stuff" that you deal with when you have a 2 year old.

I made each child in his class a little plastic Easter cup (actually, I did not make the cup but you get my drift) filled with grass, a hopper, a thing of bubbles in the shape of a carrot, a bendy rabbit, 2 candy Easter eggs and pack of life saver gummies with a personalized tag that I stamped and colored in (Mom stamped the names) all while wearing my bunny ears.

Tater INSISTED on helping. Let me tell you he helped a lot. I have the smallest, oldest dining room table (65 bucks at the thrift store when I was in college!) to begin with -- I already had eggs, candy, paper, pencils, stamps, etc. covering every inch when "Tons of Love" decided he would have a seat amidst it all. Most of the time he watched from the Pampers box.

It was a success. I went ahead and took them to school this morning even though they are not needed until next week just to get them out of the house where "inquiring eyes" might see them....
Please excuse the quality of the photos -- they were taken on my phone!

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