Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Corby and I are OLD CODGERS

Do you want to know why Corby and I are old codgers?  

Sure, I'll tell you.  It all started Friday night.  Our old neighbor Martha passed away at the end of last week and we had her visitation to attend Friday evening.  After the visitation we had a few drinks with one of our favorite neighbors Avery.  After drinks, because Mimi and Pawpoo had Quentin FOR THE NIGHT, we decided to have a little date night (Woot! Woot! We can sleep past 6:00 a.m.!!!!).  Corby and I went to eat at Macaroni Grill and then we decided to be the BIG KIDS that we are and go to the 9:20 Monsters vs. Aliens 3D!  I was so excited to see a 3D movie.  I have not seen a true 3D since I was little and I got to see Jaws 3 -- 3D -- which I will never forget and it was sooo scary to the 5 year old kid that I was (my parents should have been investigated by DSS for that).  I will talk more about Jaws 3 -- 3D later, anyway, we were all fired up and we had our 3D glasses on ready to go.  Oh, and these are not your typical red and blue plastic lensed paper glasses -- these were like 1985 black plastic Ray Ban looking jobbies (be sure to see Corby below).  Anyway, the reason that Corby and I are such old codgers is because we BOTH FELL ASLEEP in the movie.  At first I was trying to play it cool... I would nod off and then wake up when something loud happened.  I would try so hard to stay awake only to drift off again.  I did not want Corby to see me sleeping or I knew I would never hear the end of it.  Like the time I fell asleep while I was 7.5 months pregnant sitting on the floor of the kitchen while Corby worked a drill in the same room -- he loves to tell that story.  Anyway, little did I know that Cool Breeze was over there sleeping too.  I was clued in because at one point he had his head kicked back, mouth agape and  even though I am sure he was snoring -- I could not hear it.  He woke up and said "I can't keep my eyes open".  I did not feel too bad then.  We chuckled -- we are sorry dates.  Um, I would recommend the movie -- what I saw of it, at least was entertaining.

Back to Jaws 3 -- 3-D, yeah I do not know who thought it was a good idea to take me to that when I was kid -- probably my big brother.  Anyway, to make matters worse we happened to go to Sea World that summer AFTER I saw the movie, so what would have been a fun trip for any normal 5 year old turned out to be the trip from hell for me -- I was just positive jaws was going to pop out of the water and eat Shamu and/or the handler.   It took an act of Congress to get me to walk through the underwater tunnel that allows you to see the sharks and other scary things they have -- you know the one that was so similarly depicted in the movie that the shark bites in half and people get trapped in while water is slowly filling up the tunnels -- yeah that one.  I cried the whole time. I remember Sean telling me how thick the walls were and I did not need to be scared.  I remember I got to see the water ski show of the Hatfields and the McCoys and I LOVED IT!
That was the scariest movie when I was kid and looking back now at it... I just laugh.  One of my favorite scenes is where the shark (that is not moving a muscle -- just with jaws agape) is slowly heading for the underwater control center -- that no one can seem to get out of in enough time even though they all sit there and yell for 5 minutes -- and the black guy gets eaten by the shark that does not move.... great effects guys!  But is scared the crap out of me as a kid!

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