Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I love my husband

I just love my husband.

He cracks me up.
In a typical man/husband/Corby move he went out for "kitty litter" (it is his chore to scoop and change the litter) and came back with a $100.00 + "automatic kitty litter box".

I kid you not.

All because he is sick of changing the kitty litter (he never scoops it like he should and he will be the first to admit that) he buys this thing that I hope the cats will even get in. I am afraid it will scare them to death. He bussled around the room trying to find just the right spot, looking for a plug. At one point he had it in the corner that we use as the "time out" spot for Q. When my mom asked him what he was going to do with Q when he had to go to time out, his response was "I'll just put him in the litter box, what do you think about those apples?" He was joking of course and eventually worked out a spot with 50 feet of extension cords -- don't ya just love old houses -- 1 outlet to a room if you are lucky.

Tater watched with fettered brow from a high (when he was not helping me with the Easter eggs) as Corby put this massive contraption together. Apparently it "senses" when they are in the box and then 4 minutes (i think?) later you hear this "hummmmmm" and the little automatic rake is sweeping through the crystals -- swiping up the pooh and pee clumps and knocking them into this little enclosed bin at the end. Corby watched in true "proud man mode" with his hands on his hips as the comb set off on its first pooh seeking mission. Tater got in for a little bit and knocked the blue crystals around and then jumped out. Satch who was oblivious to all of the commotion because he is deaf wandered in hours later, looked at it for about a minute, turned tail and left, but I expect him to do that since he did not acknowledge the fact that we had a baby for the first week we had Quentin home from the hospital.

Now if that cats will use it... it will be great.

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