Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quenisms of the week

You know I love to share the stuff that pours out of my son's mouth which not only tends to amaze me but send me into hysterics... here a just a few of his most recent ones:

1. According to Q his "favorite snacks" are "co-cos" and "pow-pows". Now, he is way, way, way past baby talk so this is not the mere ramblings of an infant. When asked about them all he will say is "co-co is my favorite snack" and "pow-pow is my favorite snack". I have asked him to describe "co-cos" and "pow-pows" and he only remarks "they are like Scoobie Snacks".... got me?

2. After I spent the whole afternoon in the yard replanting irises and bushes and just literally being up to my ears in dirt and sweat (I must have scrubbed my butt for 30 minutes to get the dirt off of my back side from sitting in the dirt in entirely too short shorts) -- I stood in the bathroom peeling off the layers of grubby, dirt and sweat drenched clothes, Q comes in to hug me. He hugs my legs and looks up at me and says: "Momma, you smell like pooh pooh." I said "Thanks honey, I love you too". Then he said "Momma you still smell like pooh-pooh". I just said "thanks". Then later when I was in the tub, he came in and stood on the bathmat -- I asked for kiss, he gave me one and said "Momma you still smell like pooh-pooh", I said "That's enough, that is not very nice".

3. He is the King of finding random little pieces of detritus on the floor and questioning you at length about what it is -- if you can even tell. Yesterday he appeared with what looked like a single strand of iridescent "Easter grass" -- for an Easter basket. He asked me what it was as he held it up to me. "That is Easter grass", I replied. Quen shook his head and said "No, it's not, its not Easter grass, it's plastic". You got me kid.

4. While in the car on the way to school we were listening to the Sesame Street Podcast on my i-phone through my car speakers -- we love it. The "word of the day" was "mustache" so we discussed mustaches. Then he pops out with "You have a beard". He knows what a beard is because Corby and his best friend Kevin both have beards as well as his Uncle Janson. I knew I have been having a bit of a facial hair issue in my old age (thank you Grandmother Minnie Merle -- or Great Mimi) -- but I keep it under control. Now I am a little self-conscious.

5. Corby covered my planters in the front yard with beach towels because the last two nights have been dipping into freezing temps. When they left the house to get in the car -- Quen saw the beach towels on the bushes and asked Corby about them. Corby explained that he had to cover the bushes so they would not "die". Quentin said "like dying eggs"?

6. The other morning as we were about to go into school he ran off and started to climb up this brick wall with holes in it. He said something about "Spiderman" -- I said "Yeah, Spiderman -- come on we need to go into school" and he stopped what he was doing and turned around and said "I'm not Spiderman, I'm Quentin Douglas Hilley." On that same note, my Dad calls him "Quentus Magnus" (a take on his name in Latin) and he has called him this since he was born. Apparently the other day, Q had enough of it and when Pawpoo called him "Quentus Magnus" he said "I'm not Quentus Magnus, I'm Quentin Douglas Hilley"... but he says "Hilley" like "Heeaul-ly".

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