Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What do you do with a free rubber glove?

Quentin LOVES rubber surgical gloves --like they use at the Dr.'s office. They also use them at his daycare when they change diapers so he is very familiar with them. Last week I had to go to the Dr. first thing in the morning and then take Q to his Dr.'s appointment. I was proud of Quen as he sat on my lap and behaved while I went to the dermatologist and received 5 shots of cortisone in my face (I had to be strong for my little boo only slightly cringing with each needle insertion). He only asked Dr. Jaffe once "What are you doing to my momma's face?" He was also able to get a rubber glove off of Dr. Jaffe who gave him one for entertainment purposes and to probably shut him up because he kept asking for one.
The rubber glove went with us to his Dr.'s appointment where while in the room waiting for Dr. Rickenmann he used it for many things -- as a glove, as a "pocket" to put random stuff he pulled out of my purse in, and as something to plug up the doorstop with (see below). He was very proud of himself for that feat -- he tucked and tucked and tucked until it was all in there.


The glove then went home with us where it was dragged around all day, taken to the sandbox where it was filled with sand, clutched while eating Cheetos so it had a nice orange stain to it, pulled on to one of his feet so he could have a "duck foot" and even taken to the bath with us. He fell asleep with the raggedy and by now punctured many times over glove -- which had to be pried from his hand. The "glub" was then thrown away.
When he woke up in the morning -- I could hear him on the monitor talking about and asking about his "glub".
I may need to invest in a box.

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