Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and the used car salesman

We had a great Easter. Easter morning we went out in the yard and took pictures. My very pregnant neighbor was nice enough to come outside and take the family shot.

My other neighbor later said that Quen looked like the most "trustworthy used car salesman she had ever seen".
Quen is pulling up his pant leg so you can see that his socks match his tie -- they have dinosaurs on them.
Corby and I laughed at how much each holiday has become like Christmas for Quen. When Corby and I were little, we got one Easter basket with candy and maybe a little something else. In the end, Quen had 3 NEW Easter baskets (still had 3 from last year), 15 lbs of candy, 4 new cars, new clothes, an octopus sprinkler, 15 pages of stickers, 4672 new plastic eggs, 3 things of bubbles, 4 things of sidewalk chalk, 5 things of play-dough, 2 books, 2 new stuffed animals and 2 wind up toys... I kid you not.
The same thing happens at Halloween as well -- for which I am truly grateful. I am not poking fun, just remarking on how things have changed.
We think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he lives so close to his grandparents on both sides -- and we have very generous friends and neighbors who remember him at certain times of the year like his sweet Great Aunt Cheryl, neighbors Ms. Jen, Ms. Janet and Ms. Michelle and friends like Ms. Katie. I lived hundreds of miles away from my grandparents -- only getting to see them once a year usually and with the exception of his infant and early childhood years, Corby did not live near his grandparents either.
How times have changed.
I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy brings -- a new car?
It's tiring being so cute (and selling so many used cars).

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