Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celtic Thunder and Why Can't My Sister Take a Good Picture?

Last Friday Mom, Shannon, Bill and I went to see Celtic Thunder -- which I have to admit I really enjoyed! Those guys can really sing and since most of what they sing are traditional Celtic/Gaelic/Scottish/Irish stuff I really liked it. My favorite part was the fact that the guys in the band donned kilts the whole time and at the end the whole group wore their kilts and that was just too sexy. They are a complete cast of opposites, from a 14 year old who has the deepest voice of all of them, a bald middle aged nice looking man who looks like his usual repertoire includes drinking tunes "down at the pub", a blond "boy band"/"high school musical" looking hottie, a 30 something opera singer and a dark haired Lothario who has a bit of a crooked face. I was glad Corby was not there because he would have made fun of the "dance moves" -- or just general stage show that they put on. He never got over "Don Dorca" from Lord of the Dance and to this day makes endless fun of the Riverdance guy. Anyway, I will admit this would give him hours upon hours of material. The end result was that it was a well done show, entertaining and once again, I will say the vocals were amazing. My favorites were "Danny Boy", "Ireland", "Laura and I", and "Caledonia". I will talk more about the "crowd" later.
For those of you who do not know them -- here are some pictures.

(that lady is not me -- i just snagged this pic from the net)

Mom got very excited on the way over there as she started singing and doing the hand movements (and if you know my mother, you know she talks with her hands all of the time and you have to keep your guard up to protect from a well-manicured fingernail to the eyeball if she gets carried away) for a song they do called "Ireland"! Here she is in the car doing it.

We had very good seats that were not cheap -- but we were on the first row of the non-floor seating and we knew that all we needed was a tall person to sit in front of us and/or someone with large hair to sit in front of us and the rest of my wee family (excluding me because I am a "large" woman) would not be able to see. Of course, that is exactly what happened.
This guy was in front of me.

The Celtic Afro was in front of Shannon.

And this guy just had the sweetest comb-forward I have ever seen!

Needless to say as soon as the lights went down, we moved back one row and that made a world of difference.
Apparently these guys have a cult like following who call themselves the "Thunderheads" and they wear green t-shirts and anything and everything else green they can find including odd hats. They also sport glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces like the kind you put on your kid when they go trick or treating. They stand up and dance and wave their arms. They are true fans. They are also (and I am not trying to be mean) a bunch of overweight (in some cases extreme -- and I can say this because I too am a large woman) single, odd looking ladies who have nothing better to do than sit around and watch PBS specials at home and eat ice cream. That was mean I know. On another note, the man above me in the balcony proceeded to hang his hands over the edge and pick dead skin and/or fingernails off of his hands and drop them on me. I thought I felt a water drop hit my shoulder, but it was a nail bit. I thought I would throw up on the spot. I yelled up at him but he did not see me nor hear me. Later his wife had her feet hanging over the edge... great country comes to town.
This brings me to the second half of my post... my sister Shannon and her inability to take a normal picture. It is BEYOND ME. She has a very pretty face and a nice body (perfect hiney, damn her) but she has a talent like none other... no matter how hard she tries, she just cannot take a good picture. Below are the attempts I made to take a picture of Mom, Bill and Shannon at the show before it started... They are in chronological order.



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