Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corby's Project

I will posting updates of Corby's new project -- Playgroundutopia a la Benton.

He has purchased (or rather, yahoo for one year's interest free financing!) a behemoth that will be delivered in early May to your backyard where upon Corby and his Dad will put it together.

In typical Amanda and Corby fashion what started out as looking into something small and cheap to entertain Q in the back yard -- something we could even build ourselves to save money -- has turned into a full blown, wallet blowing project involving giant fancy play sets and landscaping, the rental of bob-cat like diggers, retaining walls, sod and plants... we can't do anything low key over here.

We figured we would be in our little house at least another year -- depending on the economy and the play set can go with us when we move -- and the yard improvements will only help to sell when that time comes -- because before last week -- NOTHING had been done to the yard!

I fully expect this Saturday to be a day full of entertainment with the spectacle that will be Corby Hilley driving a little excavator -- I hope he does not take out Martha and/or Janet's fences. I am thinking of selling concessions and have invited all of our neighbors and friends to come bring a lawn chair and enjoy the sights!

Will keep you posted.

Here is the Playgroundutopia a la Benton:

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