Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The FPDG Easter Egg Hunt 2009

Last summer I started a play date group that met late on Friday afternoons which I offhandedly called the Friday Play Date Group -- the FPDG (real original, I know). It is a group of old friends and new ones -- working moms and stay at home moms. We occasionally even have a dad or two join us which is always nice. It is a very laid back play date group -- if you can make it come -- if not we will see you next week. I look forward to seeing my friends each week and the interaction with other children is good for all of them.
This Easter I decided to have a Easter egg hunt at our usual time. I went a little overboard and what started out in my mind as a little Easter egg hunt innocently involving a couple of baskets and a couple dozen eggs ended up with me assigning people food items to bring and the buying of table cloths, flatware, and golden eggs -- I even wore bunny ears along with Milk Duds and my Mom who looked like a mountain goat rather than a bunny -- but I loved every minute of it.
WE HAD A BLAST as I feverishly wished away the threatening thunder storms. With the help of my mother, Milk Duds, and Corby as well as a few other dads it went rather smoothly. Almost the whole group was able to make it -- even some grandparents and the kids had a great time and best of all the weather held out. By the end we had only a few meltdowns, almost every one's clothes had chocolate on them somewhere and plenty of tired babies.
I painted a big plastic yellow egg with the words "Friday Play Date Group Easter Egg Hunt" and it acted as a centerpiece. I just packed it away with the rest of the Easter crap and I fully plan on using it again next year if I am still kicking

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