Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quentin gets CRABby

Quen got his first sandbox and it is a giant crab. He loves it.

Corby and I have never done anything with our backyard because we never used it. We do not have a backdoor so the only access to the yard is to go out the front and walk around to the back -- which may seem lazy, but think about it -- would you use your back yard a lot if you had no back door, no deck, no dogs, etc.? Anyway, now that Quentin needs somewhere to play and thanks to the recession we will not be moving anytime soon -- we will be beautifying the back yard and doing stuff for him to have a nice place to play. I am working on the beds and so forth.

My elderly neighbor Martha loved irises and she had them all over her back yard. Her house has been vacant for a long time and I asked her son if I could have a few of them -- she has since died and it means more to me now than before, so I have started transporting the irises from one yard to the next so that I can have one bed of "Ms. Martha's Irises" (I want to make a little sign) for it. I transported them -- and they do not look too well so I am hoping they perk up! I hope Martha did not curse them!

Corby is very skilled with a set a keys -- he is like McGuyver -- he can make anything from them and/or with them.

Almost fell in:

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