Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corby, Dad and I and the afternoon nap

We all took a little nappy-pooh after Easter lunch and the first annual Douglas/Hilley Easter egg hunt. Q was down in his room at his Mimi's -- Corby was passed out on the sofa, Dad was nodding off in the lazy boy and I had my large self crammed onto a love seat (note the low vantage point from the picture of Corby and Dad). Mom said she came in from getting Q down and it looked like a massacre had taken place in her den -- people had fallen out everywhere.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet husband. HE HATES IT and will probably give me hell for putting it up here. I just think he is soooo cute here. This was his comment on facebook where I have it posted:
Corby Hilley at 10:00pm April 12
I'm just glad a bunch of hippies didn't show up with buckets of water to keep me hydrated until they could push me back in the water.
I love my husband so much.

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