Thursday, February 19, 2009


I forgot to mention (and I do not know how I did this) that THANKS TO THE HARD WORK OF MY SWEET AND DEVOTED FATHER IN LAW, Waylon Hilley, a.k.a. Buppy, a.k.a. The Tool Man, we have our new counter tops. Buppy has crazy "Man SkillZ" (with a "z") as do his other progeny (my two brothers in law) Shawn and Janson. There really is nothing that they cannot do -- and I really mean nothing. Corby is learning fast.
For those of you who do not know my sweet husband, he was a bit of the "odd man out" when it came to Waylon's sons. Corby would pay his brothers to do his chores and could have cared less how a lawn mower ran, how you put in a light fixture, tune a car, etc. He has found a new appreciation for these things since I "domesticated him". Corby has done very well and amassed a small fortune in tools and "handy" things. He is learning from his father and brothers very well and very fast and I am very proud of him.

BUPPY, however is the Patriarch and is and will always be the Big Cheese of home improvement. Thank you Buppy for coming and spending a day with us and helping us with the kitchen!

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