Monday, February 16, 2009


I am glad to report that Q can pretty much pee on command on his little potty seat in the mornings and at bath time, however, we have had no luck in the "number two" department.

I can definitely say that:
1. Books on the potty are very helpful.

(cute kid but not mine -- just like the picture)

2. My pediatrician Dr. Rickenmann (who I just love) suggested starting him off by just putting him on a potty seat (not miniature potty) while his bath water is running and giving him some books -- just to start off the process. So far it has worked like a charm -- not sure if it is the water running or what?
3. Do not waste your time with the mini potties -- they are a waste of money (thanks, I already bought 2 -- one for upstairs and one for downstairs -- then I realized they SUCK and the kid hates them).

4. NOT ALL POTTY SEATS ARE THE SAME -- may I suggest for those of you with BOYS -- the 1st Year's Potty Seat -- the cup in the front is the only one that comes up high enough to truly cover what it needs to cover (wink, wink) -- and it is like $13.00!

5. Quen has enjoyed his "Elmo's Potty Time" video... we need to watch it more -- but so far a good purchase.

6. You and your spouse/significant other/partner/or just yourself -- have to act like an abolsute fool, high-fiving, cheering, singing, dancing, laughing, clapping and root-ta-toot-tooting when he/she succesfully uses the potty. The kids LOVE IT!
6. And last but not least, in the words of the immortal Martha Stewart... "Bribery is a GOOD THING" -- although I am pretty sure she did not say the "bribery" part.

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