Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday when I was home with a sick Q, we walked in the front yard for a little while because frankly I was stir crazy and Quen just needed the fresh air -- not to mention it felt soooo good.
Because my front yard is the size of a postage stamp -- I thought I could easily gather the trash out of my car (a.k.a. the Ford Exploder) and watch Q at the same time. He of course had other plans that involved getting in the car and climbing all over the place finding old goldfish crackers, a petrified raisin, "coins" or "money" as he calls them and basically undoing anything I had just done like dumping his car toy bucket (which I had just refilled by picking up all of the toys on the ground and in the backseat and returning them to the bucket) all over the floor again. When I was ready to get him out of the car for fear that he was making a bigger mess than the car was already in (is that possible?) he said he needed his "fevers"... as he desperately dug through the toy bucket and the floor mumbling about "fevers", "I need mah fevers". I said "Honey, you don't have any fever today, thank goodness (because he is aware of fever and that he had just had one a mere day earlier)", but he kept on hunting for his "fevers" that he was determined to take out of the car with him.
He found them and made his way out if the car squeezing past his car seat and clutched in his little hand were a tiny green backscratcher, a little round Ratatouille maze with a b b in it that you roll around through the maze, and one of those little things that looks like a paddle but it has 2 little beads that hang off the sides on strings so that when you spin it back and forth the beads strike the paddle and it sounds like a drum... then it occurred to me what they were.

They were his "favors" (from birthday parties).

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