Monday, February 2, 2009

Satch's Straws

As I mentioned in a previous post, my black kitty Satchel is deaf. Not only is he deaf he is a little on the "special side".
He has a crazy addiction/craving for STRAWS (as in drinking straws). He could care less about "treats", which Tater would eat his weight in if you let him. Instead of "treats" for Satch we have a bag of drinking straws I got from the dollar store, in all different colors. Tater gets a morsel of food -- Satch gets a bright pink bendie straw. I know it is strange, but so is Satch.
He can play with a straw for HOURS! You usually find them randomly sticking out of the bottom of the fridge or oven where he played with them until he got them stuck. Sometimes you go into a room where the door has been closed and find a straw just on the inside of the door where he pushed it under the door and could not get it. The same goes for a standing fan that we have -- he always pushes the straws under the base of that for some reason. ANYWAY, the other day we moved our hope chest which has been sitting in the same location for several years. This is what we found --

13 drinking straws and one was still in the wrapper.

I forgot to mention that his "habit" is so bad that you have to hide your drinks from a fast food restaurant and/or keep an eye on them because he will stalk them and when you are not looking steal the straw out of the drink -- sometimes capsizing the drink. He loves to do it to my Mother and her "Route 54" size Lemon Berry Slushes from Sonic (the red straws) that she lives off of in the summer... they are his favorite too!

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