Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Shoes That Got Me Stalked

I went to the library at lunch and felt like I was being followed. Granted it is only the coolest hang out for Columbia's (and then some) homeless population. The place smells awesome, anyway I digress.

Because I was already feeling a little on edge I was very aware of my surroundings, constantly looking behind me, over my shoulder etc. I found the isle I needed which WAS OF COURSE the farthest away from people -- in the back corner -- where no one would probably hear me scream for help if I were attacked or shived or flashed or whatever happens to people in the library. I was perusing through a book when a tall, fair complected, black, gay man rounded the corner, stopped and seemed to reel back a little.I looked up terrified and almost hurled the 5 lb. book I was flipping through right at his nuts and ran, but instead I froze and he mumbled something under his breath. I said "I'm sorry I cannot hear you" and he said "nice shoes" and then fidgeted, turned on his heels and was gone. I just stood there and pretended to continue to flip through the pages, while I was really thinking "Okay, that was weird. I was just stalked by a creepy man in the library over my shoes".

That was quite possibly one of the strangest things I have ever experienced in my life.

Now, you would think that to garner such attention, I surely must have been wearing the latest in Italian leather stiletto boots or something right? Nope.

Here is the kicker (no pun intended), the shoes I was wearing were quite possibly the most frumpy, matronly shoes I own (but the most comfortable -- in a tie for first place with my 4 year old dansko clogs) -- I give you the Anne Klein, iflex loafer. Go figure? What a weirdo.

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