Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday, instead of taking his mid morning nap Quentin played, destroyed everything in his bed and then escaped the confines of the crib again. I actually videoed him destroying his bedding and then put away the camera so I missed taping his crib escape -- but I watched him do it and it amazed me. Easy as pie. He just stood in the corner and threw his left leg up on the end railing and then gingerly lifted himself over the edge and carefully lowered himself down -- that explains the fact that I never heard him do it -- he was like spiderman!

Needless to say, I made a decision on 2 things at that point -- 1) no more mid-morning naps -- he is too old and one really good afternoon nap is sufficient AND 2) it was time to take the front off of the crib and turn it into a toddler bed. A little something in my mommie chest just sank... no more crib, my baby was getting big. I also had no clue how I was going to keep him in the bed. I went out and found a bed rail and bought him his very own pillow. I wanted to turn it into a little bed with sheets and a bedspread. I found a super cute crib quilt on the Babies R Us site -- but when I got there it was part of a whole crib bedding set -- I was so mad. And why do they not make a flat sheet for a crib mattress? They make 9856 different types of sheets for pack in plays, moses baskets, bassinettes, play yards, porta-cribs and every other thing under the sun that uses a sheet. Granted, you do not need one for small babies -- but there is such a thing as a toddler bed. They do make toddler bed "sets" but they are like "Diego", "Cars" and "Barbie" -- no thank you. So, I bought a twin flat bed sheet and doubled it over. I used a small crib quilt that my mother gave me when I was pregnant that is made up of pieces of old chennile bedspreads -- it was perfect. Corby took the front off of the crib, I made the bed with his new pillow and sheets and Corby put up the bedrail. It was all perfect -- now if Q would just go along with it.

When night came both Corby and I discussed with Quentin what a special night it was -- his first night in his big boy bed. Well people -- he jumped around a little before night night time on the bed -- checking it out, etc. Then we took a bath, read our books and I rocked him until he was asleep -- I laid him on his big pillow and pulled up the covers and tucked him in. He slept all night -- hard. He did soooo well. We were so proud of him. I did the same thing for his nap today and tonight and he did fine. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it continues to go well.

Oh, I also had to put a gate outside his door in case he should try to escape his room!

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