Friday, February 13, 2009


Milk Duds (for those of you you who do not know, is my coworker and LONG TIME friend) keeps beating the tar out of yours truly.

I suck.
I can't spell, but you guys already know that.
Milk Duds is a VOCABULARY GODDESS, and a bitchity bitchface from hell (but I still love her).

She has beaten me like 10 out of 10 times. She needs to be on the International Scrabble circuit. Is there such a thing? If so she would totally take all the tables like in the World Poker Tournaments in Vegas. Maybe she could get Milk Duds to sponsor her? She could wear a gold milk dud on thick gold rope chain around her neck, pimp style with a gold "grill" in her mouth that says "bitchface" in diamonds (which is my term of endearment for her here at work) like the poor misguided soul below.

I would definitely try to get her a "Milk Dud's" pimp/drug dealer car like the "young fellows" around these here parts are so fond of. Please see the below pictures of a Skittles Car and Reese's Car.

I am thinking some other potential sponsors for Milk Dud's rise to eternal glory and fame as a Scrabble ICON could be Wonderbra, Double Bubble Bubble gum, coffee (any kind), Sweet Tarts, Fancy Schmancy Dog Food Companies, Urine-be-gone (as seen on tv), the AKC, and Pestsmart as these are all things she loves (I made up the one about Wonderbra).

I would totally cheer for old Milky D!
On a side note and another shameless plug for an old friend: Milk Duds does run an AWESOME GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE called Noble Shepherd Rescue that saves dogs from all over the state. If you are ever in need of a good charity (tax deductible) to donate to and/or in need of a good German Shepherd -- go to this site:

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