Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When we bought our sweet little abode 6 years ago the kitchen had been recently redone.  I loved almost all of it.  My only real point of contention was the navy blue (yes, I said navy blue), matte counter tops that were just, well, really ugly and frankly I hated them... a lot.  Another thing I really did not like was the back splash which was a "foamy like" wallpaper and  which the cats quickly made their scratching post -- shredding it almost instantly.  So needless to say our kitchen looked a bit like a waffle house in the end.  In addition, we were in the midst of doing more work on the kitchen -- moving a hot water heater OUT of the kitchen (because that is such a good place for a hot water heater) when we had a surprise baby a month early (Q was born on January 6th-- he was DUE February 4th).  In typical Amanda and Corby fashion that threw us completely out of whack and what would have taken like a weekend to do and finish turned into 2 years to finally get done.  I am proud to announce that the kitchen is FINALLY DONE!  

We did not do anything SUPER FANCY like granite because we are quickly outgrowing our little house and hope to be able to get a bigger house (with granite) in the near future, but I love the laminate we picked.  I am very happy with it.

What 'cha think?  Pretty snazzy, eh?

Oldest to newest.

Cub donned his knee pads -- you knew he meant business.

Old bouncer shirt.

Note the shredded wallpaper.
Cat scratch pad.
My sweet blue counter tops before we tore them off and set them on fire (just kidding).
Q "helped" and loved on Buppy.
The new backsplash.

Q's new bear slippers.

TADA!  All done with a new sink to boot!

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