Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Family From Deliverance Shops at The Bi-Lo in West Columbia

Just in case you did not know, the family from Deliverance shops at the Bi-Lo in West Columbia.

I know this because I saw them shopping there last night. I had to hit the DT (that would be Dollar Tree -- one of my 2 favorite stores and the one in West Columbia is closest to my downtown home) and because I needed some more Pull-Ups for Q's class and kitty litter -- I stopped into the Bi-Lo next door -- little did I know that I would be afraid for my life for the second time that day.
When I saw them -- I was strangely attracted to them like when you want to see carnival freaks or something... I even went out of my way and down at least three isles I did not need to go down so that I could get a better look. I am horrible and going to hell, I know.
Anyway, the group consisted of one elderly gentleman (who probably was not as old as he looked) who had a grizzled beard, no teeth, a greasy ball cap on and dingy pants who kept yelling (as in the person was deaf) at a disabled woman with no arms or legs in a wheelchair (I am not making fun of this poor person -- just describing them). This woman had some tubes and whatnot attached and she would respond with a squeel to the man's questions. As they walked down the frozen food section he would stop and yell "Do you want chik'n pot pie?" she would squeal. "You want country fried steak with taters?" she would grunt or squeal. No matter where I was in the store at any given time I could hear the man yell at the disabled woman.
They were followed by a large red haired woman in a flannel jacket, track pants and bedroom slippers who meekly followed with the cart.
"You want coconut cookies, look here?"
Two dingy girls, one preteen and one a teenager, flitted around the store coughing. The preteen was a little chubby with black teeth and high heel shoes that were too big and kept flopping when she walked. The other girl wore a over sized sweatshirt and sleep pants -- both looked as though they had not seen shampoo nor a bath in a while.
"You want waffles?" "huh" "I said, do you WANT WAFFLES?"
I believe that along with the 5 above there were two guys who I described as "dull" in another post and I think that is a perfect description for them. They wore coveralls, smelled like ashtrays, had buck teeth and did not say much.
"Do you want pizza rolls?"
All in all -- I am sure they were a very nice family, good people -- but they kind of scared me, intrigued me and made me sad -- all at the same time and they definitely could have been the back up cast for Deliverance, hands down.

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  1. Please come with me to the store next time I go. I am obviously not paying enough attention to who my fellow shoppers are, and I need some assistance.


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