Monday, February 16, 2009

The Old Diaper Up The Leg Trick

Quen and I were out and about with Mom on Sunday.  After a long day shopping for new shoes for the kid with the biggest feet ever he conked out in the backseat.  When I looked back to check on him this is what I saw.

       Please note the diaper stuffed up the pant leg.  When I first saw it I just figured he had been playing with his diapees and wipees bag and he must have pulled one of the diapers out and for some reason stuck one up his pant leg -- cute little weird kid.  Mom and I laughed all the way home until we got home and realized that the diaper sticking out of his pant leg was the one he HAD BEEN WEARING -- it had come undone and worked its way down one leg.
He had been going commando all the way home much to our soggy surprise.

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