Friday, February 13, 2009

LAWGE COKE!! and a story on addiction

My husband has a serious, serious problem (other than me).

He is ADDICTED to diet cokes with lime (not a favorite by many). I too love diet coke -- but not to the extent that Corby does. It is to the point that if I were a good wife, I would not be spending this time writing this blog but rather staging an intervention with loved ones and dear friends.

Diet coke addiction runs in my family and ODDLY it is worse in the men. My Uncle Fuff ALWAYS has a diet coke in hand, in a solo cup with a straw and on ice. He has done this since I was a wee child. My brother is addicted to diet cokes as well and now my husband has fallen prey to the addictive qualities in diet coke.

When Corby and I first met almost 9 years ago -- all he drank was Pepsi (straight up -- not diet). I drank diet coke. He fussed and whined about how it tasted so bad and then he tried it and that was all she wrote. He did not even switch to Diet Pepsi -- he went straight to the DC. Then they came out with the lime version and it was all over. He cusses when he can't find them and knows every location in town that sells them (because they are not easy to find). He orders a lime with diet coke in restaurants. He is a fiend.

Because we drink so much diet coke, Quen hears us order it in the drive-through all the time:

mic box: "Pshhhht, We are having a great day at Sonic. Can I take your order?"

Me: "Uh, yeah, I need a large diet coke".

About a month ago he just arbitrarily started announcing (seriously) that he NEEDED a "lawge coke". We could be in the middle of the grocery store and I would hear loudly from the passenger seat: "Mommy I NEED a lawge coke" (he says "lawge" instead of "large"). We could be at the dinner table: "I need a lawge coke". Or in the yard or playground "I NEED a lawge coke, lawge coke, Mommy, I need it in mah mouf".

Like father, like son.

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