Monday, February 2, 2009

NEW RUGS (and I don't mean hairpieces for Corby)

(picture should say "Messed Up Pedicure" -- typed too fast)

My buddy and fellow Mom-Dawg K told me about a rug sale at Belks -- rugs were 75% off and if I talked to "Bobbie", I could get an additional 10% off. We needed a new rug in the den and the dining room rug was thrown out about a year ago because it was just too gross and when I tried to clean it -- it bleached it in places and it looked horrible.

Needless to say it took some coaxing to get Corby to go look at the rugs -- he did not think we needed them. "We are just looking" he said as we walked in. Needless to say we chatted with "Bobbie" -- I name dropped K , asked for the cheapest big rugs he had and got a great deal on two large rugs. Corby grumbled to himself as he shouldered one of the large rugs out of the door to the car. All in all -- I paid a little over $500.00 for $2,300.00 worth of rugs a 9 x 11. and a 9 x 11.5.

The next day Corby saw K's husband and said "Your wife cost me a lot of money yesterday" and after a while Corby and K's husband decided that we knew nothing about rugs and that Bobbie had most likely talked us into paying what we did for $50.00 rugs -- that we had been taken. Either way -- I know they are not top of the line -- but I like them and I still think I got a deal thanks to K and "Bobbie" the rug salesman from Iran (are there a lot of Bobbies in Iran?).

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