Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I "can't" like it!

For your weekly Quenspeak, I give you the improperly used word "can't".

Quen uses the word "can't" in place of the word "don't". I have gotten used to it, and often correct him, but he tends to not want to give this one up. However to the novice, it can be very misleading.

Some of his favorites are:
Quenspeak: "I can't like it, I can't like it Mommie."

Translation: "I don't like it, I don't like it Mommie". This is usually accompanied by him spitting a mouth full of food out wherever he is, like on himself, on his tray, back on his plate, on the sofa or on the carpet. This is by far the most common usage of "can't".
Quenspeak: "I can't like him, he's mean."
Translation: "I don't like him, he is mean." Usually about Daddy after he has gotten trouble.
Quenspeak: "I can't want to, Mommie."

Translation: "I don't want to, Mommie." Usually this accompanies requests and/or commands like "sit down" or "do you want to go potty?".

My favorite is when he is eating something and has been eating something for a while and halfway through he decides he all of the sudden does not like it -- he says "I can't like it, its yucky" with a sour face like he just ate dog pooh.

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