Monday, February 2, 2009

What does Peabo Bryson, Spiffy Productions and Pez Candy all have in common?

We went to Learning Express on Saturday to get Q his own tool set so he could help Corby with the Door ( ;) ).

We saw these guys and had to have them (this is not my actual tank -- but the one on the website).

Q picked the ones with the purple rocks.

Q loves them and has to check on them all of the time. I love that they are very low maintenance and all you really have to do is feed them except for cleaning the tank like every 6 months!

I let Quentin name one "baby frog" -- we collaborated on it and it was between "Trick" (see earlier post) or "Spiffy" (from the production company that produces Jack's Big Music Show -- and Q always hears them say "Spiffy" at the end and he repeats it). Just so it did not sound like I had a pond ecosystem house of ill repute -- I declared him to be "Spiffy". I got to name one frog and he was dubbed "Peabo" (after an inside joke I have with Corby about Peabo Bryson -- but pronounced "Pee-AH-Bow" -- Peabo Bryson is Corby's MOST FAVORITE SINGER EVER, along with Bette Midler ;) ). Later while Corby was laid out on the kitchen floor recovering from his grueling door handle installation job (see earlier post) -- I realized there was a snail in the tank too -- I let Corby name the snail. Right off the cuff he said "Pez".

Therefore in our little eco aquarium -- we have Peabo, Spiffy, and Pez. I hope the cats don't eat them and/or they do not give us Salmonella (Anna M).

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