Friday, March 20, 2009

Bed time books and Grinch socks

As we were reading our books before bed last night Quentin became adamant that the mouse in a picture in his book was a "moose". Our conversation went like this:

Q: Whats that Momma? Whats that? (pointing)

Me: That is a mouse.

Q: No its not, no its not (shaking his head)! (see earlier post)

Me: Yes it is. It is a mouse -- the whole book is about mice -- it is a mouse.

Q: No its not, its a moose.

Me: A moose? No, its is mouse.

Q: No its not (yelling adamantly) its a moose! A moose!

Me: What makes you think this is a moose?

Q: Its a moose. A moose. 'Cause Daddy said it was. Its a moose.

Me: Its a mouse. (At this point I tried to turn the page because I knew I was losing this battle, but he refused to allow me to turn the page and instead pointed at the mouse again.)

Q: Momma, whats that? (pointing at the same controversial mouse)

Me: Quentin, it is a mouse, a mouse, a mouse.

Q: No its not Momma -- its a moose. (He was trying to get me to admit it was indeed a moose.)

Later he declared that a particular star in his book "was not working".

Before he went to bed we had to put on his "anti-grinch" socks. These are green (Oscar the Grouch -- shhhh, I am not telling) grinch repellent socks that he wears at night so the grinch wont come out of the hole in the neighbor's yard where he lives (see earlier post) and get him at night -- as he is convinced that will happen. They are some powerful socks -- he has NEVER ONCE BEEN "GOTTEN" BY THE GRINCH since he started wearing them (I have a back up pair of green Mike Wazowski socks that work too).

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