Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey man, I got a screen!

Today on the way back home from school I heard Q talking to himself in the backseat.  It was like he was having a one-sided conversation.  When I looked back I saw him holding something to his ear like he was on the phone.  I heard him say "Hey man, I got my screen (I will explain later), my helicopter, and my hair band." He then paused as if he was awaiting an answer.  He was holding a rubber band (a "hair band" to Q), a 8 inch by 8 inch piece of malleable screen (that Corby gave him to play with when he re screened a few places on the porch a few days ago), and I have no clue where the "helicopter" was.  I asked him who he was "talking to" and he looked at me and said "Noah".

I instantly called Jennifer (Noah's Mom) and we laughed -- I told her not to worry -- Quentin had a screen, a hair band and a helicopter -- all was under control 

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