Friday, March 6, 2009

Octopus with Pickles please.

Yesterday as Corby was trying to get Quentin ready for school, he asked him what he wanted for breakfast. Fully expecting him to answer with his usual "sausage" or "yogurt" -- he replied "Octopus", just as serious as he could be. Corby said "Really? Momma guess what Quentin wants for breakfast?". At that point I came in the room and Quentin looked at me and said "Octopus", I replied with "Sorry we are fresh out, Buddy". Corby looked at me and said "Where did that come from". My response "Got me?"
This morning, while I was in the tub, Quentin was playing on the bathmat. He LOVES coins and calls them "money" (which they are, but...). He knows what a "nickle" is and a "penny". He had a dime in his hands. I asked him what that was, he scrunched up his face and then looked up and said a "pickle". I burst out laughing and told him he was so smart! He put "Penny" and "Nickle" together to come up with "Pickle"!

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