Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Omodern is a funny website of just odd stuff. My favorite section is the Swedish rock bands from the 70s. Here are a few for your humpday chuckles complete with my comments.

I give you the "Gert Jonnys". They kind of look like gay elves. Not sure who told them hot pink and green were a good idea, but... By far my favorite is the portly fellow sitting down. His hair looks like my old German teacher's from middle school. You can tell they really worked on it too. As a matter of fact he (the whole package) resembles my old German teacher. You think they might have scrapped this picture and taken another one because the guy in the middle is the only one NOT looking at the camera. Maybe he is blind and does not know where to look. Maybe he is "special" -- either way, I am sure he just drooled in Frau Pink's hair.

It's the Benny's Awin -- I know you wondered what happened to them right? I sure did. Especially after their hit "We Are All Sterile (because our pants are too tight -- Oh yeah!)" did so well. Not sure but I am pretty sure the little squirlly guy in the middle is a professional jockey. The only straight one -- the only one without the "neckerchief" is now in prison and the rest all formed a roller disco troup called "The Satins" that only wore those satin jackets and shorts shorts. I do not know what else happened to them. Just kidding.

The Cool Candys looks like Sweden's poster of their most wanted child molesters -- hence the name. The only thing I know for sure is that the guy on the bottom left may have the SWEETEST comb-over I have EVER SEEN. He scares me the most too. The guy on the back row far right could be Charlie Manson's twin and the fellow next to him with the goatee has a hairdo like my Aunt had in the 7o's. All in all -- a bunch of creepy dudes. However you can tell that the guy in the back far left was by far the "stallion" of the group -- he had all of the groupies (all 7 of them) and the guy next to him with the sideburns from hell -- never got over it.

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