Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Botanical Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens with Mimi, Aunt Shay Shay and Uncle Bill.  They were having a Spring Fair type thing where they sold plants and had vendors and events for the kids.  Quentin was a holy terror as usual and he wore his "tiger back pack" which made him even more fierce.  At one point though he was having a fit, Corby was about to lose it and as I was walking up on the situation this mean little bitty with a giant straw hat and beaky down turned nose looked at me and said "Geese", as she looked over at Quen and Corby and rolled her eyes and shook her head.  I just smiled and kept walking over to my husband and child and when she realized that I was his mother, she quickly scurried away behind some rose bushes (she better run fast or I'll chase her down). I saw this really neat wind chime made from bent silverware that MIRACULOUSLY was given to me the very next day by my father in law for my birthday!  My sneaky and sweet husband went and bought it while he was supposed to be going to the "bathroom" and then secreted it to Florence the next day and slipped it into a bag for my father in law to give me.  Quen got to see the band play at the amphitheater (which is really cool and I can't believe the zoo does not use more often), he got a monkey tattoo, some popcorn, and he got to jump in a bouncy house where he was thoroughly trounced by the older children.  I got lots of ideas of stuff that I can never afford to do -- but would be awesome to do to my yard.
Here are some pics.
Quentin and Aunt Shay Shay at the ampitheater.

The wind chime with the green beads is now mine.

Q and his back pack.

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