Monday, March 16, 2009

One Mean Mamma-Jamma

My desk fish Siegfried is one mean Mamma-Jamma. He is very ferocious and loves to get "puffed" at the slightest opportunity. I make him "puff" at least once a day so that I can see him in full plumage and so he can strut his little stuff like the noble Japanese Fighting Fish he is -- claiming and staking off his territory -- which happens to be my desk. He is my little buddy -- who swims in one corner of his tank so that I can see him while I am at my computer. It is easy to make him "puff" (as you can imagine, he is male after all) -- any kind of shiny surface that might allow him to see his reflection is enough and/or even me putting my finger against the glass near where he is can do the trick sometimes.
He is my little aquatic stud muffin and he knows it.

His counterpart Roy lives in Milk Duds' office. Get it? Siegfried and Roy? I need to get him a little white tiger for his tank -- but unfortunately they are not your usual "run of the mill" tank insert. The people at the fish store looked at me like I was retarded when I asked if they carried one and they did not even chuckle when I told them about Siegfried and Roy -- the old farts.
Anyway, Sieggie has pulled off a most astonishing feat for a little guy the size of a house key -- he uprooted his bamboo tree in only what I can assume was a fit of masculine dominance and/or while practicing his Japanese Fighting Fish moves. Maybe a little too much "wax on/wax off", "Enter the Dragon" or perhaps a little "Flying Tiger Hidden Dragon"?
Who knows -- but he sure does look happy with his little blue self.

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