Monday, March 2, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009 (that wasn't)

We here in South Carolina have been gearing up here all weekend for the 3-5 inches of snow we were expected to get on Sunday night. Corby and I even went so far as to deliver Quentin to Mom and Dad's last night, fully expecting his Daycare to be closed in the morning -- but our jobs still open.
Corby thought early on that nothing was going to happen (and he also freely admits he is a genius and knows everything else too ;) ). By like 8:00 Brooks Garner (the young weather man who Corby calls "the frat boy weather guy" because he looks like he could have just moved out of the frat house) was starting to backpedal. The line of snow pretty much stopped right outside Columbia -- but it was snowing and just up the road in Chapin and Newberry. Brooks was saying that this blast of warm air or something was coming up the coast and blowing the storm back (at least that is the way I took it). Meanwhile in typical Columbia fashion everyone under the sun was gearing up for the snow and cancelling school, daycare and work and pretty much everything that would be effected by the snow (that we had yet to see).
Once we dropped Q off (after having visited with Mom and Dad) we decided that the only way we would get to see snow -- was if we chased it. It was great -- we threw caution to the wind and on the spur of the moment decided to chase the snow to Chapin. It was like we were fun, carefree newly weds again with no responsibilities! We stopped at Starbucks in the Vista (which is another post in and of itself -- I swear I saw Rick Astley in there) for me to get a venti cappucino (which was only 1/3 of the way filled -- why do they do that?) and then headed out. We hit the snow just before Chapin and it got even heavier in Newberry where I made Corby pull over at Mid-Carolina high school and under a street light in the deserted parking lot I made him get out of the car and slow dance with me for a second in the snow to Jason Mraz's "Lucky". I could tell he thought I was crazy -- but he was obliging to my crazy urges.
Alas, the snow never made it to us, we had to work and Q got dropped of at school bright and early where he promptly lodged a Hershey kiss wrapper up his nose.
Brooks Garner is receiving hate mail I believe, Milk Duds said that he turned off the "comments" on his blog.
Granted it never snowed here, but thanks to a wonderful husband it did snow for me last night.

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