Friday, March 20, 2009

"Lil Fings" at the park

One of Quentin's most commonly used sayings is "Lil Fings" which is supposed to be "Little Things" and it is a catch all word that he uses for any little doo-dad that he is playing with or finds that he does not know the name of. Like any typical little boy -- he is constantly finding stuff on the ground and picking it up much to my dislike -- like the time he picked up dry dog pooh and asked me about those "lil fings" and when I told him to drop them on the spot because they were dog pooh he said "no, its not mommy, no its not!" (see earlier post).

Anyway, he found a hair pin at the park and it was his "lil fing treasure of the afternoon", however he searched the park the whole time for a new little treasure. One of his favorite "lil fings" is a little articulated, red plastic arm of a skeleton toy he has that he carries everywhere with him. Anyway, he finally started calling it "his arm".

Here are pictures of the park and his "lil fing".
On the way home in the car he kept popping the sucker out of his mouth and going "ahhhh" as though he had just had a long refreshing swig of some favorite beverage. It was quite funny.

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