Monday, March 9, 2009


I had a great 33rd b-day. It started with my little kiddo hand delivering some perfume I wanted while I was still in bed. We then got dressed and went to breakfast, but before we left, I figured I needed to shave my legs because I was wearing shorts. I decided to take the fast way out and "dry-shave". BAD IDEA NUMBER 1! I basically gave myself the worst razor burn I have ever had. My legs look and feel like I sunbathed in cooking oil. ANYWAY, back to my story, Q was actually well-behaved (I need to knock on wood and hopefully I have not jinxed us). After a yummy breakfast we went to the zoo and had a great time. Q rode the pony again and got to pretty much run around the whole time, the stroller was barely used. I will post pictures later. After that I got to take a nap and play with Q in the yard. I closed out my b-day with a tennis clinic -- which I love! Corby made me a cake (which I do not have a picture of, much to my dislike) and we all ate pizza for supper. Throughout the day I received calls from family and notes from friends -- it was very special.

Today when I got to work, Sinclair had a big huge balloon tied to my chair and she made me cupcakes with sugar letters that spelled out "Happy Birthday Amanda" -- with the second "a" in "Amanda" made from an upside down "v", because they did not have enough "a's". The "v" was the first thing I ate!

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