Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Somehow when I was doing my coverage of the St. Paddy's Day Parade -- I left out the Columbia Rollergirls! How in the world did I forget that? WHO EVEN KNEW WE HAD ROLLERGIRLS? OR A ROLLER DERBY? They all had on the the obligatory 1970's skates, knee socks and short shorts.
Corby is all for me trying out for the team -- but I do not know if they have a need for a WIDE RECIEVER?
All I could do is take people out -- I would not be nearly as agile on skates as I used to be.
If I were to be a Columbia Rollergirl (although I think at my age I would have to be called a Columbia Rollerwoman) my name would have to be "The Powerful Katrinka" (that is what my mom calls me sometimes)!

It totally looks like she is slipping him some digits!

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