Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Criminals Across the Street

I work across the street from the Governor's Mansion and it's grounds which take up 2 city blocks all in all. The grounds are kept up by South Carolina Department of Corrections inmates -- who never appear to be regularly managed by a guard and this bothers me. Sometimes it is just one guy on a ATV golf cart type thing with a little trailer and sometimes there is a whole gang of them -- 6-10 in their tan jumpsuits with "SCDC" in bold black stencil across the back. You will occasionally see a guard who stands out in the street and smokes -- and is usually a 5 foot 2 inch woman (even though she looks like she could whoop Corby) and/or a old, fat and balding man who I doubt could catch my 2 year old son if he HAD to. Anyway, it always makes me wonder -- with so much free reign why do they not ever run? I know they got caught having "adult relations" with some of the house staff a few years back. Personally, if I were the First Lady of the State there is no chance in hell I would have those folks so close to my children. Just my thoughts.

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