Monday, March 2, 2009

Kevin and Corby's song

My husband and his best friend Kevin are hysterical when they are around each other.

One of my favorite Corby/Kevin stories is the one of "their song".

It all starts with the purchase of a fancy boat.

Kevin bought a new boat and invited Corby to ride in it and check it out shortly after he purchased it. It is a beaut (I am told, I have never seen it). So the guys spend the day out on the water -- having fun and listening to the super cool radio/sound system that the boat has. The boat is kept in a slip at a marina and apparently it is a challenge to get the boat in the little nook of a parking spot that it is kept. As I understand it on the very day our story takes place the marina was hosting a bass fishing tournament and all of these manly fishing men (not that Kevin and Corby are not manly but they were not exactly sporting the Earnhart shades, fishing suits, ball caps and chew) were milling about the docks and on their boats. As the guys approach the marina from the open water they cut the engine back and slowed down to pull in -- in front of these burly guys. At that point they realize the boat's speakers were blaring "I've had the time of my life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warren (the love song from Dirty Dancing). They could not hear what was being playing when the engines were full tilt -- it was not until the slowed down that it was apparent, very apparent. Corby screamed at Kevin to "Turn it off, turn it off" -- but at that point it was too late. I have this vison of Corby tripping over himself and lunging for the volume control as Kevin stands there helplessly trying to find the right button (this probably did not take place -- but in my mind that is what happens). The fishermen had already seen these two guys rolling in, in their fancy boat listening to "I've had the time of my life". I think they got some looks -- all they needed to complete the look were some fruity drinks, pink shirts and a couple of lap dogs in rhinestoned collars.

Corby said he and Kevin felt like "douche bags", but at least they now have "their song".

This is dedicated to Corby and Kevin.

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