Thursday, March 5, 2009

What do you do with a giant crayon?

Quen calls his giant yellow crayon (its a bank) his "Fuff Crayon" because his great uncle Frank (who we call Fuff -- Fabulous Uncle Frank Fair) gave it to him. He likes to pull it out of the corner at bedtime when you are desperately trying to get him in the bed and swat you with it and/or just ignore you while he pulls it apart and plays with it.

The other night I snapped these pictures of him and his Fuff Crayon. Yes, he has on mismatched P.J.s -- I was being lazy and it is not like I thought pictures of him would end up on the web or anything, right (?). I was tired and did not feel like I was up to the nightly fight to the death to get him in the bed, so instead I sat in the glider and snapped away. It was pretty neat to see the many uses he had for the crayon body and top.
They included:
1. A "castle" -- he actually called it this.

2. Tee-Ball

3. A "I-cream Cone"

4. A hat (I do not have a picture of it on his head -- it fell off too fast).

5. A bucket for random doo-dads.
6. And my personal favorite -- "a glub" (a glove).

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