Monday, March 9, 2009


Tater and Satch never get to go outside because Satch is deaf and there is no way to regulate one getting to go and one not, plus we lost our first kitty Olive to a car and we are not exactly keen on losing another one the same way. We used to let them go onto the front porch (which is screened in) for a while, but then we got some holes in the screen due to various things and Satch started escaping. Plus during the spring when the baby birds are being born in the tops of the columns on our porch -- the two cats would become stalkers, jumping on the screen and punching holes, as well as making Momma and Daddy bird very nervous such that they may start to dive bomb people who were innocently walking through -- so the cats lost their porch privileges.
This weekend while the weather was so nice -- I decided to let them out on the porch for a little while since all of the holes had been repaired and we currently had no baby birds. THEY LOVED IT. Satch had to be "removed" from the wicker chair when we finally locked the door for the night, having napped for a good 5 hours in the sunlight.
Tater, never actually "lighted" anywhere but would go in and out, go up to Quen's room (because the french doors had to be open to allow them in and out -- so he had access to Q's room) steal more Winnie the Pooh characters (I took Piglett again and Pooh away from him) and hide under the wicker coffee table on the porch in the spilled potting soil -- thanks to Quen.

Needless to say, by the end of the day, my beautiful thick, fluffy, crisply white, super fat tom cat was a dingy grey color -- such that we started to call him "Cinderpuss", like Cinderella who had to sleep on the hearth in the cinders...

Cinderpuss is still dingy and stalking Pooh and devilishly happy with his return to the porch.

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