Friday, March 6, 2009

Tater's latest "critter"

Tater is a MAN EATER!

He is 20 + lbs (15 of which are super fluffy white cat hair) of pure "STALKING JUNGLE CAT" or at least that is what he fancies himself. No small stuffed animal is SAFE when Tater is around... it will become his next kill... his next "critter". Currently Tater seems to have it in for the entire cast of Winnie the Pooh. The WHOLE GANG is in for it and they do not even know it. No matter what I do to protect them -- Pooh and the Gang are in danger and have recently lost one amongst their ranks to the ferocious beast that is know as Taterbug Hilley.

Tater's M.O. is to find a small stuffed animal that he makes his "critter" (critter -- a general term used as a title for anything that Tater has turned into his toy, could be a scrunchie, a small stuffed animal even a child's sock) whether you like it or not and then he carries it around in his mouth, chews on it, throws it in the air, stalks it (which entails sitting a few feet away from it in a low crouching position staring at it -- just in case it should spring to life and run away), leaving it at your feet so that you will throw it and he can fetch it AND "fresh dunking" it. A "fresh dunk" (a term coined by Corby) is when he takes his critter and puts it in some source of water (could be water bowl, toilet, bath tub while I am in it, or the sink) then fishes it out and while it is sopping wet places it on your leg for you to throw for him so he can fetch it. Yes, I have a cat that thinks he is dog -- he loves to fetch. AND as you can imagine, almost every time he does a fresh dunk on you -- it is usually when you have on your nice pants.

Recently, Tater has been escaping to the "other side of the french doors" an area he is not allowed -- to get to Quentin's room because he knows that in Quentin's room are the BEST CRITTERS! Much to my horror he has discovered the entire cast of the Winnie Pooh saga in mi nature stuffed form that sit on a shelf. He has made off with Piglett before and even got him downstairs without us seeing him before I saved Piglett. However, in true form using his feline cunning and prowess he has managed to not only kidnap Eeyore, but turn him into a full fledged "critter". Yes folks, he has even been fresh dunked and I was in the tub when it happened. Is nothing sacred!?

Who is next? Roo?

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