Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Golf Ball Hole

Q has a golf set that he never uses appropriately.  He would prefer to carry all three of his clubs around -- clutched close to the chest and throw the balls in the bushes which he then refuses to go after because "there are bugs in there".  He loves to beat things like the cast iron plants, ant hills, his other clubs, the side of the car and your leg with them -- thank goodness the handles and shafts are encased in foam.  The little set contains 3 clubs (a wedge, a putter, and a driver), 2 foam balls, a little green ring that acts as the "hole" and a little flag that goes on the green foam ring and only lasted um, about 2 days after we got the set.  
Today we were playing with the golf set while we waited for Corby to get home.  He held up the green foam ring and asked me: "What is this mommy, what is it?" My response was: "It is the little green foamy - golf ball hole thingy."  He said: "No its not Mommy, no its not." Then he turned to look at me and said very forcefully, "It's a CIRCLE!" kind of like "duh, mom, geeze!"

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