Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Grinch lives in my neighbor's yard

Just in case you were wondering, I have been told by my son (who is POSITIVE) that the "Grinch" lives in a "monster hole" in my neighbor's front yard.

This is actually the culmination of two different running stories that converge into this great epiphany that Quentin had the other day.

Quentin has for a while been talking about the "Grinch". He will declare the "Grinch is after me" and come running in from another room. He will make little claws out of his little hands and say he is the "Grinch". He often calls Corby the "Grinch" and I laugh under my breath. I have figured out that he found out about the "Grinch" from school and he usually says "Isabelle" is the "Grinch" (his little friend from school). I asked him what color the "Grinch" was and he said "red".

There is a little "hole" in my neighbor's yard. It is bigger than a snake hole but was definitely a burrow for something at some point. Quentin stepped into it one time by accident and his entire leg went down to his hip. Since then he has been very wary of the "hole" and declared that a "monster" was in the hole. He does not want anyone to get too close to the hole and if you walk too close to it he will warn you about the "monster".

Last weekend he declared that the "Grinch" lived in the "monster hole".

Just in case you did not know, I thought I would give you a head's up.

Today, he was helping me with the yard and I asked him to carry this little bucket containing dirt, a cracker wrapper that I found in the yard, and some random leaves and stuff to the trash can. Instead of heading to the herbie curbie, he headed over to the "monster hole" and dumped it in. I guess it was an offering to the "Grinch".
The "monster hole" after Quentin dumped the contents of the little bucket in the hole (I picked up the wrappers).

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