Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Quen got bitten at school the other day. It happens. This time however, the kid actually drew blood and we had to take him to the pediatrician. Apparently they treat human bites the same as animal bites and therefore he has to go through a round of antibiotics. He does not seem that phased by it -- which is good and he gets excellent care at school so I have a feeling he was immediately consoled.

He is a good boy (sometimes ;p), however I got word that he actually bit another child's finger in the morning -- but it was not bad at all, which is odd because he is not a "biter" (knock on wood). The kid he bit was not the kid who bit him later, but Milk Duds feels sure that there was bribery afoot and that the kid who he bit in the morning put a hit out on him -- a hit that the vampire kid took him up on later in the day! Anyway -- he has been bitten a couple of times and it is unfortunately something that they all go through one way or another and there is almost always a "biter" in at least one of your child's classes at school. I refer to the biters at "vampire kids".

The previous attack was on his arm and it left a little red mark for a few days.

Below are from the latest incident.
He has a mouth full of antibiotics that for some reason he wanted to "savor the flavor" and not swallow. Yuck.

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